Share with people around you via Bluetooth. (Beta)

Bluepush is a great tool to share anything with anyone around in realtime thanks to iBeacon.

Sense your presence

Use our app on your phone to reach out to people nearby thank to Bluetooth.

Share while pitching

Create great networking opportunities by connecting and sharing with people around you.

Monitor your success

Track your activity and generate efficient charts to learn about your audience.

  • A multiscreen interface

    Quickly transform any ideas into great mobile experiences without committing time, resources or budget.

    Web app UI screenshot
  • iPhone app UI screenshot

    iBeacon Technology

    We transform your phone into Bluetooth beacons to let you know when you are nearby other user. Each time you walk into a Bluetooth range the app automatically updates all the information from the the area you standing.

  • "For sure the simplest broadcasting app ever!
    Just upload your presentation and start sharing"

  • "Solid work guys! Minimal, functional, beautiful.
    A very powerful tool during meeting to share my work."