This is the list of all pages you have saved via your mobile device. You can look for them by typing keywords in the search bar on the top right of the screen, it will search in all sections: title, author and description. Click on the page you wish to see to display its full content.


This is the space where all the profiles you have saved via your mobile device are stored. You can manage your connections through this section by: - Deleting them by clicking the cross on the top right of each card - Sending them a first message to engage contact by clicking on the “send message” box You can also look for them by typing first or last names in the search bar on the top left of the screen. Click on the profile you wish to see to display its full content.


Create a new page - Why should you create a page?

Bluepush is a great tool to share anything with anyone around in real time thanks to Bluetooth.

Create your page via the web platform and make your self-promotion! Be visible, SHARE for free and track your success thanks to precise analytics. Quickly transform any ideas into great mobile experiences without committing time, resources or budget.

The mobile app is great for previewing, opening, and broadcasting pages while you're on the go.

Who can access your page?

There are three different levels of privacy for sharing a page. The first one is public, meaning that any user of the Bluepush community can have access to it. The second layer of privacy is to restrict the release to a limited number of members through the creation of a team. The third and last level of privacy is to save it just for yourself as a draft in your web platform.

Bluepush for team creators/owners also have the option to choose whether collaborators can edit/delete files in the shared folder, or only view them. For example, a sales team can use view-only permissions to make sure their reps always have the most up-to-date versions of sales materials, while ensuring that only certain managers can actually update or change those files. Read more about user roles here.

In addition, page creators/owners can decide to make shared pages "team only" - a helpful setting for pages containing sensitive material. When enabled, this permission setting prevents external users from seeing the page.

How can you create your page?

This job can only be done through the web platform. Once you are logged in, chose the broadcast section in the menu at the top of the page and then select the ”create a new page” tab. Fill in all the useful information you want to create your document, title, picture and description. Please note the best picture format is a PNG, preferred to JPEG. Also add an attachment if you wish in the drag and drop box. Select the way you'd like to share the page, in which type of team as we discuss here below.

Once filled out information as needed, tap the create icon.

If you wish to change the privacy setting of your page, you can always edit it. For example, if you chose to keep it as a draft only for yourself you can go back on the page and change it. Select "Pages" tab, see your list of pages you either own or are part of through a team, select the page you wish to modify and press "Edit". Select the new privacy setting you wish in other words the people you chose to share it with, “only me”, limited members of a “team” or public. The public option means that your page will be shared to all bluepush community on our web platform! Be aware that no one will be notified, it is only shared in the sense that people can find it when typing keywords in their web search box or by being next to your device when you are broadcasting your page. Reminder: As described above, if you want, you can manage memberships of your team if you are the owner by allocating to each team member the adequate level of control to the pages shared you want them to have. For this, tap on the “Team” tab on the options in the menu above and edit the team and save changes.

Team - create one from the web platform:

Does your team already use Bluepush? Looking to set it up for your team?

Once you've created your personal account, you can create your team and share documents in 2 minutes.

To invite people to your team, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the web dashboard and navigate to the Broadcast section in the header.

2. Click "Team" and select the "New Team" tab to open the page where you can create your team.

3. Fill in the main information for your team description and save changes. Once this done you can invite people to your team. Click the “Invite members” button to add people already existing in our platform or click the “Invite external members”, then enter the email addresses of the people you'd like to invite.

Although you may enter one address at a time, Bluepush is free for as many users as you'd like to invite. Don't be shy about repeating the process many times or coming back later to add additional team members!

4. When you click "Send Invitation", an email invite goes out to everyone on your list. The invite looks something like this: Screenshot of the message

5. When your colleagues click the link in them email, they will be prompted to create an account with Bluepush and join your team.

People who are in the account "Owner" roles are able to send invites to others. You can reate and manage team through the privacy settings, as an administrator of the team you can chose the level of action your members are allowed to have: “read only” or “edit”.

There are three roles within Bluepush, each with varying access to features. All invited users are in the "Read Only” member role until they are promoted to “Modify” member by the Owner.

A “Read Only” Member Manages his/her personal account Has been invited to join the team Can view the people within the team Can view all details regarding the analytics of the page Can broadcast all the pages from the team he is member of

An “Modify” Member Manages his/her personal account Was promoted by another admin or owner Can view all details regarding the analytics of the page Can broadcast all the pages from the team he is member of Can edit and/or delete the pages of the team

An Owner Manages his/her personal account Created the team Can view all details regarding the analytics of the page Can broadcast all the pages from the team he is member of Can add, remove, invite or promote members within the team Can edit and/or delete the pages of the team Owners may modify at any time roles of active team members from the Edit team tab on the Team Page

To sum it up, the only difference between an owner and a “modify” member of a team is that the owner is the only one who can edit the team details (name, picture, members’ permissions) and invite others to join the team. Regarding pages, there are no differences between and owner and “modify” member, both can have any type of action from view to change, broadcast or delete on the page.

How can you share your page?

You can send shared links from your mobile device and/or web platform. You can run from any web browser and versions, the best ones are Firefox, Internet Explorer version 10 & Safari, while for the mobile you should be running on minimum version iOS 8 or minimum version Android LE 4S.

To share a page from the web platform:

Once your page is created, and if you selected a limited number of members through a team, you page will be automatically uploaded on their web platform as well as the mobile app while also being notified to them that they have received a new page. Please see the different privacy permissions you can set for your page here. If you wish to publish to yourself only because you are not yet finish editing your page, it is possible! Select the “Only Me” option of publication. If you wish to share it with your team, you also have this option. Be aware that you must create the team before. Finally, if you want to make it “Public”, meaning to share it to an unlimited number of persons, select the “Public” option. Please note that you also have the a last check box asking if you want your page on the web, meaning it is viewable also outside of the Bluepush platform.

If you wish to broadcast it to people nearby you, you must have selected first on the web platform as explained above the “Public” publish mode and then you must go on the mobile app, please read are instructions here.

To share a page from the mobile app:

After having created your page through the web platform, you can enter the mobile app and display the menu and the top left of the screen and then hit the broadcast section. Be aware that you must activate your Bluetooth for a more precise sharing with devices close by. Screenshot of the menu of the mobile app You can now start broadcasting any page that is not restricted with a privacy setting!